Creating a post with the same title overwrites it in the database

This appears to be happening -- is that correct?

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    Hi Kevin - I am not seeing that happen for me. If you delete a post and make a new post with the same title, then only one post will appear.

    But, without deleting a post, you can have a post with identical titles.

    I made an example here:

    Let me know if you’re still seeing the issue!

    ok thanks, gotcha. so it just replaces the post with the same title -- good to know! Also just a friendly heads up, but I was playing around with the front-end of the product and I was able to get the custom domain and ad-free checkbox by removing disables in the console 🙉

    Thanks for the honesty! We noticed that too. We hope you enjoy custom domains and get value out of Threadbase. We will probably patch that soon so you may have to properly upgrade in the near future, but for now, enjoy it!

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