I think you should add support for hashtags, it is amazing that Reddit hasnt implemented it yet, it's a great way to find very niche content.

Ability to to follow a hashtag like on #instagram.

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    Hi Chris, any update on this? its a natural way of helping people find what they are looking for, unless you have an alternative Tag system. Hashtags though are almost universally used by many major platforms frequented by people. Many thanks for a wonderful service, btw.

    Hi there -

    Thanks for the feedback! I can add this to our product roadmap to look into. Also, when you're talking about Hashtags, do you want them to be something to add in the post body like #posting #BestPostEver

    Or, are you thinking this is something set it a different form field like a topic?

    Post body, it's become so natural to just include it in the post body because Instagram has trained everyone to do so.

    Makes sense! I’ll add it to the roadmap.

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