Logging in on safari iOS doesn't work

I tried logging in with my stored password on safari, didn't work, so I reset it, I tried logging in agamin with the new password and it didn't work.

I dont know if it's a safari problem.

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    Hi there -

    I just logged in using Safari on my iPhone and I was able to log into the support community. Which community are you having an issue with?

    Happy to help figure out the issue!

    It was the base site. It works on edge for ios but not safari.

    Got it! Will take a look, but so far I can’t seem to replicate on my iphone running iOS 12 and Safari.

    So I tried logging into my account through windows 10 today, and it wouldn't recognize my password, I had to reset again to the same password to login, maybe its an issue related to my account?

    Also, I changed my name to breakthewalls but when I logged in on desktop, it still displays my name as tropicalrecon

    once I made this comment, the site began displaying my name as breakthewalls

    Thanks for the feedback! We're looking into a larger bug around user information being passed between forums, and I think your case might be part of it.

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