Monthly Welcome - Introduce yourself, what community you're making, and how others can help!

Hi everyone -

Threadbase is still in its alpha stage, but we want to create a tradition where new community owners can introduce themselves to the larger Threadbase community, share what kind of community (or communities) they're going to build, and if they need help, this is a safe space to ask questions and get advice.

So with that in mind, I'll start!

Who am I
I'm Chris, and I'm the Co-founder of Threadbase. I've worked in marketing and growth roles at a few startups and now I'm really excited to start building Threadbase.

What Community am I making
I'm focused on building, which is a place for other Threadbase owners to help each other out and also a space for me and Cam--my Co-founder--to share news about Threadbase.

What I need help with
Nothing yet! Just excited to start growing Threadbase and see what people need and what bugs are uncovered during this alpha.

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    So let's say someone comes in here and creates a popular "thread"? like and threadbase explodes in popularity and the owner of the iPhone thread pays for ads, they can essentially make a profit off of their thread?

    im Asking if mods can basically get paid for moderating their threads if they activate ads? And the ones who get in early will get to cash out?

    Hey there - Apologies for the delay in responding to this, but yes, as long as you're on a paid theme, you can drop in your own ads using your own Google Adsense pixel. From there, if your community goes crazy, all that revenue is yours and we only make money off of the monthly subscription.

    Our goal is that by allowing owners to put their own ads in, they can monetize their communities and put themselves on a path toward financial indepence off of their communities.

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