New feature: Improved payment flow

Hi everyone -

I wanted to share a quick usability update that we made thanks to the feedback of one of our community owners.

One owner messaged us saying that the method to enter in their credit card was confusing and not aesthetically pleasing. It looked a little something like this:

For some browsers, there would even be left/right and up/down scrolling bars which weren't great.

So, we wanted to make it better, and today, we're excited to share the new design:

We still use Stripe as our payment provider, and for those of you who don't know Stripe, they were founded in 2010, are one of the world's largest online payment processors, and are valued at $20 billion. So, we think they're pretty reliable.

We hope this new payment flow makes it easier for you to grow your communities, and as always, if you have any feedback or requests, let us know in the comments or make a post!

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