New to Threadbase: Private Communities Part 1

Hi everyone -

Hope you're all having a great new year! I wanted to share a quick update on a new feature we added based on user feedback.

We know how important private communities are to many of you so we're excited to announce that the first step--requiring registration for your community--is finally available!

To require registration for visitors to view your community and your posts, you'll need to go into your Dashboard, click on the new Registration Settings option, and then click the checkbox next to "Enable private community."

This is a feature only available for community owners on our Plus tier, but we have some new product features coming down the line for all community tiers coming soon. We also plan to allow community owners to approve new registrations to make your community even more exclusive.

Thank you all for your support so far, and if you have any comments or additional feedback, feel free to post in the comments below or make a new post!


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