November 1st Release: User management and deleting unused communities!

Hi everyone -

Happy November! Today, I'm excited to share that we've released two must-use features to grow your forums:

  • User management: Now, when you click on Users in your Admin Dashboard, you'll see a list of all the registered users on your community. Here, you can grab all those emails and add them to your email provider to send marketing emails or weekly digests. You can also delete spam users here too.
  • Delete your community: If you've been making test communities to get started or you're just unhappy with your community, you can now delete your community by going into the Settings page in your Admin Dashboard. Scroll down and you can find the button to delete your forums.

What's up next for Threadbase team:

  • Custom Domains: This is our #1 request for customers who want to upgrade to the Plus plan. We're working on this now, and we're excited to release it soon.
  • Private Communities: Some communities want to require registration before viewing the posts in the communities. This is great for private groups or places where revealing your identity can be a little scary. We're excited to work on this after Custom Domains!

As always, if you have any features you'd like us to add or found any bugs, feel free to comment below!


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