Now on Threadbase: User karma!

Hi everyone -

We're a day before Thanksgiving, but Cam and I are hard at working on the feedback we're receiving from you all.

Today, we're excited to say that we've added User Karma to profile pages (example:

For those of you not familiar, User Karma is a badge of honor that communities like Product Hunt and Reddit use to show the activity of their community members. A large amount of karma means that user contributes a lot and is a valued member of the community. A small number means they're probably pretty new and could use some encouragement to learn the ways of the community. For either group, karma is a way for everyone--active and inactive members of a community--to learn more about their fellow members.

We hope this feature helps you grow your communities, and if you need anything, feel free to comment below or make a new post!

Best and Happy Thanksgiving-Eve,

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