Some feedback and requests!

Hello, first I'd like to congratulate you on this brilliant idea.
I'd like to ched some light on some features that could make the product better:
The ability to change the annotation under creating a post, the one that says "Ask a question, post a link, or share a story "
The ability to edit posts
The ability to favorite posts
A leaderboard for users (through their karma points), small communities enjoy some competitiveness X)

Thank you again!

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    Hi Youcef!

    Thanks for the feedback. Some of these are already on our roadmap, and we will look into favoriting and the leaderboards.

    Thanks again!

    Also, apparently when your title has more than one line, the upvote counter slips up away from the arrangement

    Hey Youcef. Following up on this one, this should be fixed for mobile now.

    Got it. We'll look into cleaning up this styling bug.

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