Welcome to the official Threadbase support community!

Hi there -

First, welcome to Threadbase. Cam and I founded Threadbase because we want to help non-technical community owners and content creators build their own online communities in just a few clicks and create sustainable income from their communities.

But, building an online community isn't easy.

It'll take constant work from an owner to build a successful online community, but because Threadbase is made up of a community of community owners (how many more times can I say community?), we believe that free flowing dialogue between those just starting out and those that are successful will allow all communities to grow. Because, after all, a rising tide lifts all boats.

So, Cam and I spun up support.threadbase.io so that anyone can ask questions about how to use Threadbase, get community-growth best practices, find resources, and get updates from the Threadbase team.

We hope you find this community helpful, and if you have any questions or have advice to share, please post!

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    Welcome to the official Threadbase support community. Read updates from the team, ask questions, and get advice from other TB community owners. If you need additional help, email us at support@threadbase.io.
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