What we shipped this week!

Hey everyone -

Excited to share a few things we shipped this week:

  • Better styling on post and comment submission: When you were writing a new post or comment, there was padding between each line. This made it seem like each would be more spaced out than you actually thought. We removed the spacing so that the text you put in the comment or post box accurately reflect how the text will show up in a post or comment. Should result in less confusion!
  • Imprved styling on Brooklyn theme: We're constantly squashing bugs with each theme so this fix improves how posts look on the homepage.
  • General bug fixes: We also did some boring stuff like adding more padding on certain modules and squashing other micro issues.

That's it so far! If you see any bugs or have any feature requests, respond in the comments below or feel free to make a new post.


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    Looking good man. Going to start one for the apartment complex I live in. Facebook groups can be too personal I think and it doesn't offer enough privacy

    Thanks Travis! Make sure to come back and share your community once it’s live!

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